Landscape Maintenance Contract for Region Nine

The work to be done includes furnishing all labor, materials and tools necessary to maintain all identified Landscape areas and facilities, which may include, but not limited to; neighborhood park sites, open space parcels, designated wetlands, landscape maintenance easements, conservation easements and/or mitigation sites, tree & median planting, planting easements, street frontages or parkways, hillside open spaces and all other areas identified as city owned landscape areas. Enhancement to facilities with services or construction may include, but not limited to; view improvements, public fences, fire safety zones, signs and entrance monuments, retaining walls, concrete lined ditches, slope embankments, drainage basin facilities, erosion control, pest management, noxious weed eradication, walking trails and care to ornamental or native turf, plants and trees.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date8/1/19 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of Vallejo

Jason Lacey   (707) 648-4315


Vallejo, CA

Engineer’s Estimate: NA

Cost of bid package is $50.00